AudioRack 2.7.5

Open source radio broadcasting


  • 8 channels
  • All inclusive interface


  • No help guide
  • Only works with MySQL


If you want to broadcast to a wide number of people you can create your own podcast. Or you can have your own radio station. AudioRack is a solution if you don't want to spend a penny on renting a radio studio.
The interface includes all the elements like a log, your database and recorders. 8 channels are directly available to manage your tracks from.

AudioRack may seem simple to use but will require some patience to get used to. There is no help guide whatsoever and no indication as to how you start using the program.
Users will also complain that AudioRack only works with MySQL.
If you have the patience to play around with the program, AudioRack will cost you nothing (except for your time) and will simplify your radio broadcasting process.

AudioRack is an open-source radio broadcast automation and live assist system for Mac OS X computers. The system is composed of three major components:


Faceless (daemon) eight bus audio server


User interface

Database server (MySQL 4.



AudioRack 2.7.5

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